Betting on MotoGP is a very fun thing, since it allows bettors to make several bets with diverse runners of different teams, which is also really good, because the races are very dynamic and entertaining. All this happens when you are a fan of motor sports, it’s a fast-paced environment which is perfect for adrenaline junkies.

There are some main tips that you should know at the time of betting in case you are a person who has never bet on the MotoGP, so our group of expert bettors, made a list of things that new people should take into account.

Tournament Champion

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In some betting houses, and specifically in the last races of the season, the chances are placed to the bettors to select who will be the winner of the tournament in general, which could be a good opportunity to obtain an income in a simple way.

The trick in this case would be to analyze very well and in an objective way without favoritism all previous races and see who are probably the best. These drivers would obviously be the ones with a bigger chance in winning the tournament at the end of the day. Analyzing stats and information is a crucial betting strategy when it comes to Moto GP betting.

Runners in Each Race

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In the races of each week and in each circuit, we must also take into account the conditions of each runner and his team. This means that before the race starts, you must do a small basic study of the conditions and the runner’s history during the season, which can help you to have a prediction of how the next race can be.

In the case that you have a favorite runner, but this is not a favorite in the next race, it is recommended to make two bets, one that has your runner, and another one that has the favorite runner to win. It allows you to increase the opportunity to win in your bets, this is popularly called in the world of bets “cap.”


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There are runners as in the case of Marc Marquez, who generate in the gamblers a kind of favoritism when making a bet. Needless to say, in some cases we must take this into account, because these things have a psychological weight on other runners, which makes the ones like Marc Marquez confident when it comes to the competition.

This does not mean that you are going to win, because everything is equal and at the time of entering the track, everyone has the same chances of winning, but sometimes this influences the outcome of the race. That is why it is something that we should add to the previous study of the race.

Teams and Budgets

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This is not something that we are going to extend, because normally these things do not come to light, but they help to know which teams are mostly prepared for a race. The budget that a team has influences in the disposition that it had for the preparation of all the logistics at the moment of the race.

These details are important and you should keep them in mind when making bets on MotoGP.We are passionate about Moto GP and betting, the tips we’ve shared here can help you boost your bankroll and make the most of your experience.

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